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I'm unsure if this is the right place to ask this but I want to start a prize competition business in the UK.

Chiefly put, customers will pay for tickets, say limited to 5 for example, to have a chance at winning a prize with a maximum entry of 250 tickets.

There will also be a free postal route entry to keep everything on the legal side, as well as a skill element in the form of an industry specific question, as there are strange stipulations by the Gambling Commission.

My question is, how do I even start? My plan was to advertise on Facebook/Instagram, and link my website via them platforms, where customers can then enter competitions.

Can I use Shopify for a website like this? I feel like I need to parse lots of info to a database or spreadsheet where I can then draw, and I'll need customer info and ascribe ticket numbers etc.

Has anyone ever done anything like this, can give me advice, or possibly direct me to a better subreddit to ask if this question isnt suited here?

Thank you!

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