What would you charge to photograph & update website inventory with all unique items? (x-post) from r/photography

Any thoughts would be helpful! This is for an ecommerce website and the photos would be one front, back and close up of each item, three photos total with the white background edited out (any advice on how to efficiently do this aside from photoshop select object?)

A friend asked me to photograph/edit images of her clothing line but every single item has a unique color and pattern. I would also be updating her website's inventory with these images every time which I'm also trying to price out. She wants to start off with a small quantity (10 or so) but I could see this ramping up very quickly, she has hundreds of pieces to sell.

I'm looking for advice on what to charge as this would likely turn into an ongoing gig to help keep her website running which has been offline for a year. I know by her instagram sales that her ecommerce will most certainly bring in a ton of business once its up. My thought is to get a feel for a fair per item price (3 photos) and calculate the total for her first batch of items vs an option to pay me some small percentage of each online sale. Once it scales up I figured I could outsource the white background editing and focus on optimizing the website.

Thanks to anyone who reads this!

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