3 min design tip on how to use the font Playfair Display

Hi everyone! I write a weekly newsletter called FontDiscovery, where I share quick branding/design tips through fonts and visual examples, with founders and makers. This week we looked at Playfair Display, a very popular serif font. Thought I can share this here incase anyone finds it useful!

This style of font for editorial comes from Bodoni, a font designed in the late eighteenth century. High-stroke contrast serif fonts are darlings of fashion branding because they come off as elegant and graceful.

Magazines brands and even blogging platforms, like Medium, love to use high contrast serifs as part of their brands. They have a sophisticated editorial voice that attracts and demands your attention.

Typography System
The core strength of Playfair Display is it has many weights for you to choose from, which means that you will be able to use it in various ways for a range of creative materials.

Cautiously Avoid
The thinnest parts of high-contrast serif fonts like Playfair will break down at small scales. Use only for headline and logo purposes. Try not to use this font for small text.

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