Adding an ecommerce store (FBA) to an existing affiliate website

Hi there!

I'm currently re-designing my WordPress affiliate website, and I want it to be "future-proof". Basically, for now, I'd like to only have an affiliate marketing blog. In the future, however, I'd like to add an FBA store to my website.

I don't wanna lose the affiliate part of my website since it's pretty successful.

How would I add an e-commerce store to an existing affiliate blog? What site structure would you suggest?

I could use WooCommerce for my current affiliate blog – then I can simply mix external affiliate products and my own products in the future (I don't know if that's a good idea). But just using plain WordPress/manually created product pages would probably be less bloat and much better for the performance.

Another idea would be to use a subdomain] although that's probably worse for SEO purposes (link juice).

Any ideas?

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