Alibaba Trade Assurance

Just letting yall know how useless it is. I'd always feel safe buying on platforms such as eBay or Amazon. I've used Alibaba a lot actually, and thankfully all my large orders have not had many issues.

I finally encountered a big error on a $2200 order. Supplier sends me a different material product then the samples they had initially sent me. They even admit the product is different in messages. I file a claim and send it all to Alibaba. Alibaba gets back to me and says that they offered a $300 refund and if I don't accept the only way I can proceed is to pay $500+ for a 3rd party company to inspect the goods lol. Pretty much a joke that suppliers know that they can get away with scamming smaller orders bc its too costly to fight.

No email or phone number for me to call Alibaba and explain the situation beyond what I wrote, yet they managed to take the time to speak with the supplier. What a joke, why am I paying these Alibaba fees for Trade Assurance when I could be saving the $ and wiring it directly to the supplier since apparently it's useless anyway.

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