Instagram Shoppable Posts – A Complete guide to utilizing organic hashtag search traffic

I love Instagram Shoppable Posts. It's the only way to utilize Instagrams platform to find "High Intent" customers actively searching for your product in the Hashtag Search feature. For instance, if someone is searching the Hashtag #YogaPants, the likelihood that they are ready to buy some Yoga Pants is pretty high. This particular keyword gets over 250k Impressions an hour on Instagram. If my Shoppable post is ranked at the top of the results and people can purchase my Yoga Pants while still on the post within Instagram, I will make a lot of sales!

Getting ranked at the top of the search results however means overcoming competitive barriers. These are listed below:

Engagement – You simply need more likes, comments and better account authority than others posting on the same Hashtag.

Account Authority – You can overcome lower numbers of likes and comments if you have a higher engagement rate than your competitors. Authority is the first thing Instagram looks at when deciding how to rank your content above others.

Like and Comment Frequency – You need lots of likes and comments fast. First you need them from your own followers and then you need organic likes and comments from people within the Hashtag search results.

These three barriers to getting ranked can easily be overcome using a unique strategy I developed using Micro Influencers.

I run social media contests to find a Spokesperson for new product companies I develop, Apps and other websites I'm launching. I typically spend .28 to .78 cents to acquire Influencers using Facebook and Instagram ads. I target people who are models interested in modeling but also have to be interested in whatever my product niche is. This way, my Influencers can turn into customers as well. I usually try to acquire between 3k to 10k Influencers for each campaign. This can cost a bit of money but the value you get from the Influencers is huge.

I use gamification to utilize thousands of Influences while only having to pay one of them at the end of 3 months. Influencers earn points for doing things that help me sell products. Here is a list of the things I have my Influencers do to earn points:

  1. Follow all of my Social Media Accounts
  2. Like, Comment and Share all of my new and old social media posts (To get them ranked and increase my accounts authority)
  3. Review my company on Facebook and Google my Business (If listed)
  4. Share my products directly with friends who might be interested in my products
  5. Review my products on Amazon if listed
  6. Purchase my product
  7. Create a video review of my product and post it to YouTube then share it in social media
  8. Create videos about the Industry I'm in and then I post them to a dedicated YouTube channel for my niche. (You can generate hundreds of niche specific videos that then drive subscriptions and views to monetize your channel and earn money from ads)
  9. Search keywords you are ranked on, click on your link and stay on your website for more than 3 minutes after visiting multiple pages (Helps move you up in the SERPS very fast)

At the end of each one month period, the Influencers with the most points move on to the next round. The Influencer with the most points at the end of the campaign wins a prize. I usually offer $2,500.

I hope this gives you a new way to utilize shoppable posts to sell more products and build your organic reach using Instagram. DM if you have any questions, Comments or Insults!

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