Outsourcing Amazon PPC – Any recommandations or experiences for the german marketplace?

I am currently building up my own brand. As you know there are a lot of things that need attention and I need to watch the time I spend on certain tasks. However in this thread I am just focusing on a specific amazon problem:

I hired a consultant to run my PPC campaign for 150 EUR/month. However I am not satisfied with the output. ACOS is increasing and the reporting is really bad. It is basically a black box to me.

I have two options now and offers for both of them:

  • learn to run PPC campaigns myself
    • cost of course 4k EUR
    • value of the time I need to lern PPC properly 3.6k EUR
    • value of the time to run PPC myself 6.2k EUR per year and product
  • go for another consultant
    • cost of running PPC campaigns 4.5k EUR per year and product (incl. reporting and setup)
    • value of the time I need to manage the consultant and do a proper controlling 1.5k EUR per year and product

Of course if you do the simpl math the consultant seems to be the option to go but there are several other things to keep in mind:

  • Nobody knows my product as well as I do and I think I could perform than the consultant could with proper knowledge – how much? I don't know …
  • I currently launched one product on amazon. There will be more until the end of the year and I am afraid I will spend to much time managing PPC campaigns
  • I case I decide to learn running PPC campaigns myself I have to stay on track in terms of PPC which is time consuming as well …
  • I plan to launch products on other european marketplaces as well. The thing here is that I don't speak those languages which is needed to run the PPC campaigns there. The consultant has several multilingual employees
  • the PPC trainer seems to be pretty good – he told me some strategies that my current consultant never thought of …

What do you think? Do you have any recommandations, experiences or alternative solutions?

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