Finally made money from dropshipping! But am I really successful?

First of all, let me introduce myself.

I'm an unemployed student who has been into dropshipping for almost a year. Throughout this year I learned a lot of things about e-commerce, watched thousands of dropshipping youtube videos, and read a couple of books. I saw little to no results with dropshipping, because I wasn't able to identify the right winning products and had a very small budget for testing them. I'm still a newbie compared to you guys who make a decent living out of it, but I was able to see pretty good results for the last 3 months.

So getting straight to the point. Around 3months ago, before I started seeing results, I found a website that offered to find winning products for me. I was tired of not finding the right products so I decided to give it a shot. I won't get into details, but they provided me with: winning products, video ads for them, images, product descriptions, FB ads strategies, and more… And finally after running FB ads for 5 days with these products, I started seeing results. It may sound not much but in the first month, I made $1,500+ in pure profit. Now total profit is around $4000 ( as I said it may not sound like much compared to dropshipping gurus)

So finally my question is: Would you consider a person like me successful? In my opinion, I feel like I just got lucky.

(Sorry for my messy writing style, English is not my native language)

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