Thoughts on this? Do you think this is legit?

A buddy sent me this video and email (they were pitching to him). Was curious what this sub thinks about this. Is this legit? or some kinda scam?


the email:

Thanks for inquiring about our Amazon and Walmart Automation drop shipping model. We handle everything from A-Z. This includes product research, customer service, fulfillment, and making all of the sales. We take 40% of the net profits for running the store for you.

Traditional ways of investing into the stock market or real estate are great ways to make money. At the same time, what other turnkey business model can produce 15k+ a month in pure profits within 8-12 months?

On top of that, we continue to scale the business dependent on how much working capital you have.

Below you'll see that we offer both Amazon and Walmart automation. Our main focus is Walmart at this time because higher profit margins and no suspensions.

This allows our clients to get a ROI faster and make more money. At this time we have over 100+ Amazon clients and around 20 Walmart clients so it's discounted.

What you’re getting

-6 figure business typically within 8-12 months. We can do this in a couple months if you have enough capital!

-15% to 30% profit margins depending on which model you go with. Average profit margins of 25% at $100,000 a month is 25k monthly in passive income.

-No limit on drop shipping model.

Ability to sell a 6 figure business for $700,000 and reinvest.

Why start on Walmart on instead?

-Double the profit margins of Amazon

-We can scale the store immediately to 100k+ a month in revenue.

-No competition. Remember 4 years ago when people wish they got started on Amazon? This is Walmart RIGHT NOW.

-35,000 sellers VS millions of sellers

-Accounts don’t get suspended unlike Amazon

-Easy to get the buy box with low competition

Cost with Amazon Automation
Upfront cost is 45k with aged account. No yearly renewals.
10k-15k minimum for inventory purchases. Preferably more to scale the store faster.
40% of profits

Cost with Walmart Automation

Upfront cost is 30k. No yearly renewals. This is will save you a ton of money.

10k-15k minimum for inventory purchases. Preferably more to scale the store faster.

40% of profits


50k package available

70/30 split

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