Help validating idea: Get the timing right, WHEN and WHERE to sell

Hi team, Carlos here, failed with a couple of shops already :-(, but anyway I need your help 🙏🏼,

There’re plenty of tools that help you to decide WHAT to sell, but none that help you decide WHEN and WHERE to sell. Given how hard it is to survive as a dropshipper, a well segmented and timed campaign give us the edge we need to make it through.

I’m building a DB with all the events that might impact demand. From global seasonal events, weather, Netflix shows… to hyper local events such as local festivities, sport events, conferences, concerts… It's easier to sell umbrellas when is raining, well… at least that's the plan

Please, please, please, have a quick look to this form, it takes less than 2 minutes! –> Links to a typeform with questions trying to validate the idea.

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