How do DMCA Takedown Notices Work?

I am an Etsy seller and I recently found a brand new Etsy shop selling one of my poster designs that they don't have the rights to sell. I can prove that I own the design through purchase receipts for the work the designer did and that I have full and exclusive rights to the image. I have spoken to the designer and they haven't sold the design to anyone else and confirmed that I have full and exclusive commercial use rights. It looks like this seller has simply screenshotted my listing images and is happy using a terrible quality image to print.

I filed a DMCA takedown notice with Etsy and I believe after a couple of hours the item was taken down, however I checked again today and it is back up for sale. I've never had to do this before so I'm not sure how the process works. Since the item is back up does that mean they have filed a fake counter notice to get the item back up for sale or does it remain up until someone from Etsy checks it? Should I receive any further communication from Etsy? I have the acknowledgment email saying they have received my claim, should I get another one if the seller has countered my claim. If they do wrongly counter my claim how should I proceed?

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