How hard is it to sue someone for copying their store?

I try to test as many products as possible as fast as possible, and to do so I often find myself copy pasting an entire store website (name, logo, descriptions, product, etc) instead of thinking of ideas on my own, and if I get good results then I delete everything and start from scratch with my own ideas, and keep the working concepts.

For those wondering, I do dropshipping, meaning that all the products that a given store sells, I can find them from a Chinese supplier and ship them out to the customer, so I'm not scamming anybody.

I usually keep copied stores running for a few days, sometimes weeks, before seeing the full potential and fully committing into it with my own ideas.

I do not copy any big names or brands, simply dropshipping stores.

I realise that any store that I fully copy can actually sue me, but I was wondering how easy would it be?

Are they required to send a cease and desist email/letter first or can they just sue me directly?

Are there any requirements to sue someone?

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