Sales Tax Questions – How to report for another company? (SHOPIFY)

Hey guys,

We run ecommerce services for artists and businesses. Our services differ since for artists we would sell on our website and then give them their cut but with businesses we would invoice them monthly for our commission of services rendered. We make and sell merchandise as well as do digital marketing. We do 100% of our business on Shopify.

In short, when selling on our site, the monies go through our accounts, when selling on other clients website's we invoice them and monies go through their accounts.

One of the customers mentioned if we did "sales tax reporting for them" as their previous partner did that for them. Tbh, I'm not too sure how would that go down? We have an accountant that handles all our tax needs but not sure how it would work for sales tax and other businesses. Would an app like TaxJar do the job here?

Thank you for any help!

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