Shipping a box of packages to Canada from the USA

I apologize if this is off-topic. If it is, please point me to a subreddit or website that could help. Thanks!

I am a micro business in the US making a product that is getting a lot of interest in Canada. The product sells for about $50 and weighs only abut 10 oz. Shipping to Canada from the US is about $20 per package so a huge cost compared to the product price.

Could I prep 25 Canada Post labeled packages in a large box (~$80 to ship to Canada) and send them all at once? I find someone there who would open the box and drop the packages in the mail. Total cost of about $200 vs $500. If this works, I'd probably do this a couple times a month so the savings adds up.

My product is duty free from US to Canada (plastic kitchen wares).

Is this genius or crazy? What is this method called? (I've googled and can't find any reference to this.) Thank you!

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