Trying to figure out why our direct traffic is decreasing month on month -5% on avg. while our organic traffic is increasing +13% MoM on avg.?

We have around 30k users per month.

We haven't done anything revolutionary with our SEO strategy in this time period. Nothing changed with regards to attribution or channel grouping either.

The only contributing factor I can think of is our offline efforts – flyering and banners, but these contain the URL to our site. I'd assume that the offline efforts would increase direct traffic rather than organic traffic. In fact, in the time period with our offline efforts, direct traffic has dropped even more by around 10-20% vs the previous period BUT organic traffic has increased by around 30-50%!

We don't have a detailed breakdown of organic search terms used to get to the site sadly. But I've looked at the landing pages for organic search traffic and homepage landings have remained consistent (so maybe not our offline efforts after all). However, landings to /product pages seem to be driving this uplift. Have a look:

Any thoughts? Any other pieces of data to be considered? How do we recover the slowly decreasing direct traffic?

See here for GA data:

Thanks very much!

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