What are the best companies and software to manage a DTC eco-system?

Hello all,

The use case is the following: a DTC start-up being created within a big CPG corporation and organization.

There is an entrepreneurial part of such an organization that wants to do things differently, move super fast and launch products in the chosen pilot market by speeding up a lot, compared to the usual product lifecycle programs the core business usually runs. Agile vs Waterfall. Build Measure Learn vs Top Line Growth Revenue approach.

Now, this company has a DTC eco-system and all systems set-up and in place: SAP, Adobe, Eloqua, Zuora, Hybris… you name it. The website is doing great and everything is awesome: plenty of roadmaps, new functionalities ahead. Great.

The issue is that it takes ages to do things and while being part of such a fantastic eco-system, it becomes extremely difficult to launch MVP fast with low volumes. As well as keeping control E2E of the entire consumer journey proves to be difficult, as each team is following its own agenda.

What is the best combo front-end back-end you would recommend that can be set-up fast, with a flexible and reliable platform that does not cost crazy figures? Shopify, BigCommerce? What else?

Which companies would you recommend to manage the supply chain and the logistics? I heard about a company called Jagged Peak, as an example, which manages operations for DTC brands and it has a global footprint.

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