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If any of you remember, I posted this thread about a month ago when we first launched. We've made some changes to the site but it's largely the same. We are gathering funds for a larger marketing campaign with new product, but that's besides the point.

We are overall satisfied with the way our brand and site looked but we discovered there is another brand in the same market. I'm not entirely sure that they are 100% but the first product they had was Moroccan and now they recently added a second product which is also Moroccan but when you go to their about us there is no mention of that being their goal.

Anyways, when looking at our site, we feel as if we can't compare. Theirs just exudes a better brand. They are obviously trying to appeal to the higher end buyers of cosmetics and now I definitely don't think we can compete in that segment unless we do a brand overhaul. We're now thinking it's best to stick to mass market unless we go through with that overhaul. I'm afraid though even with us in different segments, they would still do better than us. When looking at their copy, pictures, social medias, etc. it's clear to see that they just have either a great marketer behind the brand or the money to hire one; neither of which we have.

I'm also wonder how we should move forward with the new product we're planning on getting. I'm not sure if we should start making our way towards a rebranding or just stick to the style we have and ride with that.

Do our products look viable in their current form or do you think the labels/packaging needs to be different? Perhaps more "simple" or "elegant" looking? I'm just not sure. Does anyone have any advice for our situation? You guys were super helpful last time so thanks a bunch!

Our site:

Competitor site:

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