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Hello All,

I asked a question last week regarding returns and I now have a similar related question.

I have a .de store – however the stock is held in the UK. When a customer in Germany orders – the shipping shows its international postage that they're paying and if they look on the shipping page, which is viewable from the homepage – it states that we ship from England and there may be customs charges.

Whats the rules on this please? As I don't sell enough to use a fulfillment center in Germany and its sort of do it this way or don't have the website.

From my point of view – its not ideal for the customer as if they don't read properly they will pay an unexpected customs fee. However they are free to decline the customs fee and get a full refund when it comes back to us.

I feel like the only way to go is either continue to do it this way until I can generate enough sales to pay for the fulfillment center – or make a big loss or somehow use a DDP service (which my items are valued at £10-20 and weigh between 100-400g and im not sure it would work).

What are your thoughts please?

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