No longer passionate about what I sell but it’s doing well. What’s a good way to transition?

Hello, I started my business on Etsy as a hobby, but it’s slowly becoming very profitable. I design and make cutesy merchandise for fanbases I used to be apart of.

I am no longer passionate about these fanbases and find myself burnt out. However, people are buying and I’m doing alright enough to pay my half of the monthly bills and save.

I also fear selling fanbase stuff won’t have longevity. something can be popular today and not tomorrow and there goes my store… and let’s not forget IP infringements 👀

I don’t have much of an instagram following (like 150 followers) due to me not knowing how to work social media, but I do have 500 admirers on Etsy.

Do you guys have any advice on transitioning? I want to invest in my business full time. I want to step away from the fanbases and sell something like cute plushies or dog toys I design. I haven’t figured that part out yet, but I want to stick with the cutesy theme I have going on.

As for experience, I have very little to none. I graduated a year ago with a degree in accounting and have been selling online off and on since I was young but that’s about it.

If this is the wrong sub, please redirect me and I’ll delete this post 🙂

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