pulling Amazon (and Google) orders into WooCommerce for fulfillment

I have recently set up with a new fulfillment center and have WooCommerce, which is the majority of my sales volume, integrated with them. I have a smaller number of Amazon (and Google) and orders and it appears there are a few solutions out there for routing those orders through WooCommerce for fulfillment. Anyone have any experience with or recommendations for these? Amazon is the more important piece, but if I can get Google orders as well, great.

I have a current, active Amazon (and Google) seller account with the product live – so I am not looking for one of the many solutions that takes your WooCommerce feed and sends it to Amazon. What I am looking for is something that will take my Amazon orders and create WooCommerce orders from them, that will then be pulled by my fulfillment center, and then of course the reverse – when the fulfillment center updates WooCommerce that the order has shipped and provides tracking information, the plugin would send that information back to Amazon.

Specifically, this is the only one I've found, but open to anything else as well:

Multichannel for WooCommerce


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