[For hire] Shopify Dropshipping expert

Hello everyone,

I have been dropshipping for years. One of my most successful stores averaged almost $19,000 in a few months with a few thousand in advertising. If I would have increased advertising amount, I would have seen even larger figures. This netted around $12,000 profit. With many returning customers. I sold bulk orders to institutes, because the reputation spread quickly.

I have handmade every single dropshipping store. I ONLY work with Shopify so I can’t really help with website design on other platforms.

I’m not saying I am a millionaire with a big mansion in Hollywood. I am not some dropshipping guru promising you hundreds of thousands a month. However, what I can tell you is that I have gained a ton of experience through failing, and I have found what works and what doesn’t.

So, if I’m making successful stores why am I not just doing that instead of making money on coaching and tutoring? Simple. After so long of customer service I really want to step out of it, either you love it or you hate it and personally I hate it. Now I could hire a support team but that’s too extreme for smaller stores in my opinion.

So what am I selling? Mentorship, education, and training. On all aspects of dropshipping including product selection, website design, audiences, platforms, engagement, and customer service.

My prices vary from $200-$2,000

It just depends on how much you need help with and what you are rolling with. Please contact me for more information on here, I can provide more information on my stores and data. I understand everyone may need taught in different aspects, so I can’t really make a list of what I do and don’t do.

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