How do you find a manufacturer or local artisan to produce your product?

For those who had designed your own product and got it made in another country or locally, I would like to know how did you find your manufacturers or local artisans to create your product?

I have some ideas for some home linen products and basic clothing such as sweater, mittens, and tops that I have sketched out and I would like to be created by a manufacturer or local artisan within the US and/or other countries. For example, my Turkish towels I would like to have them locally produced in Turkey. When I thought of starting I had first did Google Searches in English and even in Turkish for my Turkish towels that I am currently selling. I managed to find some people who produce the towels I was looking to sell but they don't entirely create it based on your own designs, they produce their own designs and do some minor changes for you then have it under your own brand name. The same for when I was looking into pima cotton from Peru. For the pima cotton, I found some people but the issue was it was going to be way to expensive especially when you include the shipping so my mom reached out to my uncle there and he tried to go to some places but the issue was that a lot of places were shut down due to COVID-19. I also tried searching Google for some places within the US that can produce cotton products that I have in mind but did not find many places. I find one place in Alabama that does wholesale and they have nice items but they seem to manufacture your own designs or products.

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