Launching a new product every month

Iv made a short of formula of things to do everytime we have a new product ready. I want to launch a new product every week.

Is this correct, you can add to this.

So when we make a new product we start with a seed set of 10 keywords and a larger set of 30 keywords

With this, we make a product title, 7 bullet points and a-plus content

We also shoot product photos, lifestyle photos, a video and other content (like reels, boomerangs, whatever)

We then make sure the product is listed on all the marketplaces

We also send it for seed reviews and get the first 10 reviews

We do this by sending to nano-influencers

We also prepare a large number of social media posts of this product for

Intense one week plan and

Spread out one month plan

We also prepare collaborations with other brands and influencer videos

Half way through this launch exercise you should have setup Facebook and Amazon ads for this product seperately.

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