Dropshipping (EU>US) invoice

Hi! I am starting a dropshipping business where:

-i am a US based business

-the clients are in the US

-the suppliers are european businesses.

I am providing the supplier with all the info for the Commercial Invoice, that the supplier has to stick to the box for custom reasons. My question is: who is the "sender" on this Commercial Invoice? Specifically, which name is it and which address? I have been reading everywhere and can't figure it out. 3 scenarios:

1)name of dropshipper, address of dropshipper: makes no sense, since the shipment is leaving Europe, it cannot say that the shipper is a US addres

2)name of supplier, address of supplier: My understanding was that in dropshipping the supplier does not appear anywhere. It would not be an issue for me though, because my client would know where the supplier is located. But would this cause an issue to the supplier, who does not have a business number in the US?

3)name of dropshipper, address of supplier: kind of an intermediate version, although sounds a bit like a lie…?

I hope the question is clear. I can't understand how noone in blogs/websites on dropshipping doesn't explain this, but maybe it's just me being dumb…?

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