NEED HELP: I am Confused Between Shopify & WooCommerce – Reporting Structure

Greetings Everyone!

I am all set to launch my ecommerce store for Men's apparel and I have quite a big range of products.

I have done little bit of my research but I am still not sure which CMS would be best in terms of:

– User Friendliness

– Management

– Email Automation (Like in Shopify, the email management system is quite easy to set up, but is it the sale case with WooCommerce?)

– And Most importantly: Reporting. (Suppose if at the end of the month, I want to fetch a report that how many of my X number of articles were sold, "in comparison to Z article". (Probability and statistical analysis of in-store trends – Similar to Google Data Studio) Or is it something I have to ask any Shopify or WooCommerce developer to custom-code?

So, kindly guide me which CMS platform should I choose?

I will really appreciate if you can give me in-depth answers based on your own experiences.

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