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I am hoping to hear from anyone that uses QB to manage their inventory.

What are your struggles? Have you moved on and found a better software?

For background – we are a small manufacturer and wholesaler. We sell strictly B2B and operate via dropship fulfilling orders for our different vendors who sell on their ecommerce site.

The issue we are having is using QB to manage our inventory and keeping our vendors up to date on stock levels at a quick pace.

QB does a good enough job of keeping inventory numbers but the problem we are facing is the ever-growing labor-intensive process of running inventory for now 40+ different vendors.

It was very much manageable when we had a smaller number of vendors but now with our growth, we are having trouble keeping all these vendors up to date with current stock levels.

Our method of updating is rather slow:

pull the inventory report from QB > update various companies inv. feed > upload / email / ftp delivery to all vendors.

We have also implemented hosting our inventory feeds on dropbox as a central location for several vendors to access/download the spreadsheet, but this is hard to get people on board with this idea and is an added step for them as opposed to having it delivered direct.

As we continue to grow, we realize that the ability to automate this process is something that is inevitable.

I am curious as to what solutions any of you have found when it comes inventory and if anyone has experienced a similar issue.

Thank you in advance!

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