Which multi vendor platform for a local marketplace MVP?

So, I want to provide local businesses with a marketplace type platform where local residents can shop preferably by category and by shop. Ideally these shop owners will be able to import their products themselves but I'm certain I'll end up doing some of that myself as well, and that's fine.

I don't need to be able to take a percentage of sales and shipping will be flat fee per order. I'm thinking I take in all payments from orders and pay out to the shops manually for now, subtracting the payment processor fee and shipping fee.

I'm not looking for infinite scaling and maybe not even the best of the best software product in existence, I mostly need a working MVP to show potential shop owners and other interested partners. Having to do some back end work manually is fine for now.

I've been looking at Woo + Dokan or WC Vendors but this means dealing with WP hosting. I have no experience with Woocommerce and more then a couple products. Thinking hosting may get tricky/expensive when a couple vendors start adding products.

I've also been looking at Shopify + multi vendor plugin, this eliminates the hosting issues but I don't know just how unlimited their unlimited products is, will I be forced into higher tiers when I start adding a decent amount of SKU's?

Also looking for general feedback on both options. Please let me know if this word salad turned out to make no sense, thanks.

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