Charge back for a stolen package

This happened in Ontario, Canada. So 2 weeks ago, we sent a $150 order to a customer. They live in an apartment building. We sent it via FedEx. Fedex is not honouring signature required due to COVID (except for adult signature, which is $6.75 and customers do not want to pay for that).

The customer had the tracking info. Fedex delivered it in the lobby. Customer was sent a shipment delivered email within 28 minutes. Customer emailed 6.5 hrs after delivery saying he was home all day and fedex never buzzed or left it at his door. We tell him to check the lobby and he says it isn't there.

We contact fedex, they do a trace, confirm it was delivered in the lobby of the correct address. Tell customer it must've been stolen, offered to reship for $20 for shipping if he could provide us with a police report.

Customer says "the police won't do anything". I tell him we will only resend it if he reports it. I provide him a link to his local police department's website on their online report page, which can be filed in less than 10 mins. Customer refuses.

Customer says he opened a claim with fedex. Then does a charge back 1 week later. Anyone have a similar situation, and did you win?

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