Instagram and Facebook contest – how do I do this?

I want to run a contest on my business Instagram and Facebook pages. The goal will be to get people to purchase a specific product (or maybe just any product?) and get them on my email list.

I've never run a contest before. I feel like there are some rules I'm supposed to abide by by law, or just from those two social media platforms. Am I making too big a deal out of it, or is there some legal guide I need to go by?

Not sure what an appealing contest prize would be, but it would come from my current products: coffee, mugs, that sort of thing.

I'm not sure how long to run the contest. One day? A few days? A week? Until I hit a certain subscriber number?

I don't know a fair way to pick a winner. Eeny meeny miney moe seems prone to unconscious bias. 🙂

Fellow biz owners, I'd really appreciate your help on this. If you've created a contest, participated it one, or just know stuff that could help me, please share!

Thanks in advance.

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