Looking for SMS text to order software/integration

Hello everyone. I’m looking for software where users can text a phone number to place orders which will then be shipped to their homes. Does anyone have any recommendations for text to order services?

For example, say I’m selling coffee. A customer can have a conversation with the software to place more orders. They would preregister their credit card on the website so it’s linked to their phone. The conversation would go like this:

Shop: Did you like the coffee you ordered last week) (Yes/No)

Customer: Yes

S: Do you want to order more?

C: Yes

S: How many bags?

C: 2

Then their order will be automatically placed and credit card charged appropriately.

Does anyone have recommendations for software or integrations that have this kind of functionality? It would be nice if I could somehow link this with Shopify, Square, Wix, etc.

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