Need Help. Customizable Checkout for Online Store

I own a gift shop in a hospital where we sell gifts/flowers for patients. Most of my sales come from physical store sales from visitors in the hospital, but we sometimes also get calls from people outside the hospital (many from out of town) who would like us to deliver a gift to the patient's room in the hospital (which is a service we offer).

To attract more of these customers from outside the hospital, I recently set up a website for my store with the objective that they can shop and purchase online our most popular gift items and have it delivered to the patient's room by providing the patient's name, room number, gift message, etc. I'm currently using Square Online Store (Weebly) as I already have my POS set up with Square.

The issue I'm having is when it comes to fulfillment. There are three types of fulfillment you can do: shipping, local delivery (which both require the customer to put in an address) and store pickup. I do not want the customer to have to put in an address (as it's just being delivered to a room within a hospital campus) so I have it set to store pickup. It does not let me add any custom text fields on checkout, so within each item I have set up options so that it asks for the necessary information such as patient name, room number, etc (this is not ideal obviously but this is the only way I can do it). The bigger issue though is that when the customer is done adding items to the cart and they're ready to check out, it says " How to Get it: Store Pickup" and then my store's business address.

This has been creating a lot of confusion among customers and I get many calls wondering why it says "store pickup" and they want to make sure it'll be delivered to the room. I'm wondering if this issue is resulting in some lost sales, as I do get a good amount of visitors to the site each day.

Is there a way I can do the checkout where it doesn't ask the customer for shipping/delivery/store pickup but instead I can just put custom field texts to ask necessary information and then payment? I've tried looking into other online store builders like Squarespace, GoDaddy, BigCommerce, etc. but it seems like it's giving me the same issues.

If anyone can help me on this issue or give me any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I'm willing to move to any other website builder to have an easy to use/seamless site as I do think I can grow sales quite a bit if I had that.

Thank you in advance.

TL;DR: I have a gift shop in a hospital where I only want to do deliveries to patient's rooms within the hospital. I do not want to have shipping/local delivery/store pickup show up on my checkout and instead just want to have custom text fields to get necessary information from customer and then payment.

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