Throwing myself into ecommerce! Gurus share some of your insights to my questions.

Hello I wanted to post here because there's a lot of great information but sometimes some of this stuff can be very overwhelming let's say. Everyone has their own strategies in their own you know suggestions and it's really up to one person to pick and choose what works for them and kind of go from there. Well I have a few questions you know I've been in the industry but I've never actually tried to build something myself so I've worked kind of selling service those sort of things but I've never attempted to run an e-commerce business on my own and I can just imagine it's not easy and and it takes a lot of work. That being said I have a few questions and I need honest opinions and really just some great suggestions to help maybe guide me and give me some recommendations that's really where I'm at right now I'm kind of in that learning phase before even trying to invest any money.

  1. One of my first questions is around domain. I own actually two pretty good domains. The domains similar to say and the other would be probably equivalent to say maybe not as popular but it's a pretty popular term without disclosing anything. Obviously with the name I can make it a shop it really around whatever I want with that kind of the sky's the limit. Pretty brandable and has its own type in traffic but nothing specific because it's the name. The other really I do mean that is targeted towards essentially a product. It has its own type in organic searches and you can see places selling this product all the time. I could obviously maybe white label the product get it branded and such or I could sell you know other people's products on here and probably expand on it. The reason I bring this up is because I'm really not sure where I should focus my efforts at first I feel a little bit overwhelmed trying to think through this so any recommendations big or small would be great I know there's no right or wrong answer but it's just kind of a like to hear things out here.

  2. Sell other products or private label my own? Wanted to get people's feedback on this I'm definitely not into dropshipping I see too many of the same players on that and I just wouldn't personally find it that rewarding dropshipping a product that you know may not be the best quality or what have you. I would want to have more creative control and quality control the product so that's probably a no-go for me. That being said I would have the product either made for me or buy wholesale. Anyone give opinions on their experience. I'm really about the experience I think sometimes experience is actually more valuable than the product itself to be honest.

  3. What are my biggest challenges is that sometimes when I get overwhelmed I kind of shut down. Not because I'm lazy or anything it's just I tend to released in the beginning phases of things that I start feel like I'm always missing something and almost cause my own problems. While some people can just get going out the door and 48 Hours get something up I really take a lot of time because I almost want to get it perfect but I know from my own experience is nothing is it ever perfect and companies pivot and change all the time. I guess what I would ask is while I'm familiar with the e-commerce space I'm not at the same time. I'm constantly trying to find someone that I can learn from on YouTube but it's always high level type of videos that I'm looking at and there always seems to be a catch. Do any of you recommend anyone and I can follow that can come help guide me in 202 1.

  4. I would say that this is probably a good segue that do any of you really have software is that you really couldn't work without when it comes to e-commerce.

  5. Any other suggestions or thoughts for someone who is just starting out would be great.

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