Is making a career switch to ecommerce project management/client success worth it at the potential cost of giving up digital marketing?

Hi reddit, I need your advice and input on my analysis on a job issue.

I’m apparently being offered a job, but I have serious reservations about it, from a career progression and personal preference perspective.

Without giving too much info, I’ve basically been offered a project manager/client success-ish role at an ecommerce agency, that primarily focuses on building ecommerce sites for clients. I'm currently doing SEO. They’ve just started expanding into the marketing aspect of ecommerce, with dedicated performance marketing managers

My biggest concern is the trade off and giving up digital marketing to move into ecommece…stuff and overseeing the launch of ecommerce sites and helping to create the ecommerce ecosystem. It’s been my goal to be more involved in ecommerce-related stuff, hopefully marketing related, so I’m not entirely sure if this move fits into my bigger career goal. I had a final chat with the managing director, but I’m still not entirely convinced about the trade-offs. So I guess here are the list of things I’ve identified as pros and cons:


· Potential higher salary (no idea yet, but possibly at least 30% more)

· Being more involved in the ecommerce space, though I’m not sure if it’s entirely the case here.

· Acquiring project management skills, which is potentially useful as I move up the career ladder

· Title boost from executive to manager

· The people seem nice. I don’t want to work with temperamental people if possible.


· Giving up on digital marketing – I joined SEO in hope of eventually branching out to other aspects of digital marketing, which hasn’t quite paid off yet, and actually has material implications on my life.

· Potentially focusing on the wrong aspects of ecommerce, which possibly won’t add value to me or my career

· Possibly being detrimental to my career. It happened to me once, and I don’t want it to happen again

· I’m not cut out for it. While I’m ok with interacting with various stakeholders, I am currently inclined to do something individual focused rather than overseeing and entire project process keeping track of timelines and ensuring deliverables are due, but this might change because I can sort of see the value.

Please help. Job offers are supposed to be exciting and something I’m looking forward to, but instead I’m having so much reservations about this and it’s making me lose sleep, and I'm not sure if it's my indecisiveness or imposter syndrome or if there's something that doesn't sit right with me about the job.

The hiring manager is holding back making a written offer since I expressed my reservations and he gave me the weekend to think through.

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