Need stack recommendation (please!)

Hello all, I have some experience building startups and also working in ecomm. I'm starting my own thing, and I need stack recommendations (mostly so I can think intelligently about finding the right tech help and spec-ing out how much I'm going to need to raise). My site is going to be a somewhat GM-focused marketplace, and I'm hoping it scales fast. I'm planning on raising a few million over the course of the next year, so we won't be building this on a shoe string, but we want to use OTS when possible. Things we need to do well:

-Marketplace- great partner tools for uploading items, item configurability

-clean, fast buying experience, good on mobile

-great category customization, configuration and grouping

Are shopifyplus / bigcommerce the right names here? Do people actually start out on Magento any more? Anything I'm overlooking? Are there other products or modules that people use alongside these?

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