Please review my store

Hi everyone,

I have spent a few days setting up the first and pretty basic version of how I envision my store. I don’t plan on actually launching for a couple more months. I’m probably going to make many more changes and I have a few more edits to make as we speak (i.e. adding my biz email where needed, but haven’t set it up yet), but my free Shopify trial ends today so I figured I’d post on here to see how my progress is so far (lol). I need to add more pictures as well but I’m just waiting for the rest of my stock to come in currently. I have a few stock images left up as i wait for that to happen, which won’t still be up when I launch my store so please keep that in mind. I plan to probably add an Instagram widget with a scrolling feed on the home page towards the bottom as my home page is pretty short right now.

Any suggestions regarding apps or additions for my site are welcomed. I plan to have around 10ish products starting out with variations. Thanks in advance!

Password: vewsku

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