Sort of a rant, please guide me or let it pass.

I'm an ecommerce manager for an important retailer in my country, a few weeks ago I was promoted with a pay raise and I'm pretty happy about it, but I'm not happy as how things are working with the inside team.

For example some areas don't want to report kpis to our director even when he's explicitly asked for them, the problem is that the areas in charge of social media are in charge of a guy who doesn't know a shit about social media hes the typicall guy that has some kind of vision on how he wants it on his head but doesn't know shit about how to achieve it. The other problem? Nepotism. He's the nephew of the director's new wife. And it's been a cancer inside the area but as time goes on we need to be more focused on data based strategies not just wishes.

Our competitors are gaining terrain in ecommerce and we just reached the point where this guy manages the social channels and wants to manage seo but doesn't know a shit about any of those or pretends to know, telling mumbo jumbo to the other areas director's.

Meanwhile I have to carry or save his ass with sem. But as my boss asks me to reach the monthly money goal, they don't ask him anything.

Have you been in similar positions? How can I let go my desire to quit as money is pretty good but everything else or from a professional point of view isn't.

I needed to vent.

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