Average ad spend for luxury niche?

I'm currently running a dropshipping store selling luxury products. To let you know what I mean by this, let's say the average item cost for my store is £1000 (or whatever the equivalent is in your home currency). I've recently started Google Ads and created a test campaign for a brand.

The campaign started on the March 20th and since then, it's had over 36,000 impressions but only 118 clicks, and not one of those clicks led to an actual purchase. I used to have a budget of £50 per day and a max CPC of £1.70-1.90 to start with but I'm currently unemployed and relying on (very) limited savings. So I've reduced it to £10 a day with a max CPC of £1.30.

What I'm trying to find out is, am I expecting too much? Or is this kind of performance normal for my kind of niche?

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