Whats the best way to attract customers to our jewelery shop?

Hi guys,

Basically me and my wife put our saving into this ecommerce business and went live a couple months ago.

We have tried everything in our power to attract customers and raise awareness around our brand and products. It has been months now and we didn’t sell a single product.

We are trying to raise awareness via social media. We are trying Instagram, Pinterest and even are experimenting with tiktok. Nothing seems to work.

We ran a couple ads. Attract visitors to our site, but no purchase. We tried working with influencers. Paid high amounts of money to get our product promoted, a lot of views and followers but still. No purchases.

We are at a point now that we dont know what to do, which road to take. We have used all our savings on marketing efforts but with no success.

We are at a point of giving up because the lack of motivation. Can anybody help to push us in a right direction please? Thanks everybody in advance!


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