Looking for advice (and support) on how to run an online business in a cannabis adjacent industry.

High! My website, Cauli, is about 3 weeks old and it's already been a wild ride. I have been banned from making Instagram ads even though I don't sell anything illegal. Instagram was my main source of marketing so I'm sort of at a loss now. I'm creating decent content, engaging with others, hosting a giveaway, and trying to get the word out as much as possible but nothing seems to be working. Before I was banned from running ads on Instagram, I was able to run one that was decently successful. Definitely helped a bit. I have now integrated Google Ads into my Shopify site and am waiting for approval. I'm very worried that they will also ban me and in turn I will get banned from Shopify. I guess what I'm looking for here is advice on what to do to get more customers onto my site and making purchases. I appreciate any advice and support.

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