Which is the better choice to sell my weed-themed hoodie?

Should I spend $30 to post one ad on a 100k+ Facebook page about stoners, or spend that $30 and advertise around the people of California in on a certain spot FB allows?

So yeah, to explain it further, I have $30 to gamble to promote my weed-themed-hoodie. I chose California city since weed is legal there.

Now, I think it would be a good idea if I can pay an admin of a big FB group about weed, smoking weed, etc that has 100k members. All these members are obviously interested in weed, so if I get one post there that is not allowed, but I paid and asked the mods, my hoodie ad will be shown to 100k people only to one niche– weed.

OR, post it on my page, use FB ads to boost the post, select the area around California city to target people, with a budget of $30, for $30 days, a dollar per day of advertising that will target 63-193 Californians. BUT what worries me about this is obviously, not every 64-193 person scrolling through Facebook in California city is interested in weed.

So guys, what's the better plan? Did I get something wrong?

Btw, if you're curious about the hoodie, Ill DM it to you. cant post links here.

This project is what I created about a year ago but I was so busy. Now, I am trying to sneak in time.

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