Would you feedback our store’s landing + strategy?

Hi there,

Tl;Dr: We want to collect emails for a heavily discounted early bird sale, our landing page is www.zava(.)cc – We are a jewellery brand. 100% of our marketing efforts are on instagram and I am not sure if this is the right approach + I am wondering if the whole gather email + create hype + launch event strategy is not good enough and we should just open the store directly and work also on SEO + google Ads + affiliate or try to keep growing this email list (at least while the website isn't ready). What would be a good number of subscribers for a store with 50 items and an average cart of 100 USD?

Girlfriend and I got stranded in India during the pandemic (We met while lockdown here, call us corona couple if you wish). We both were stuck in a town that has a long tradition of silversmithing and learned from the best (here the jewellery art belongs to a certain cast and is passed from dad to son for generations.). Fast forward one year of studying how to make jewellery and finding great gemstone dealers, we are ready to launch a brand.

The launch idea: There are just 50 unique, handcrafted pieces available, we want to collect a bunch of emails (at least a thousand) and then send a code to these "early birds" to have access to a 48 Hours, heavily discounted sale where all the pieces are 20% Off. Then open the store to the general public and remove the discounts.

So there is scarcity (only 50 pieces), benefits (discount + free shipping during the early bird sale). We worked on our value prop that is stated clearly on the headline (Feedback on that?)

The first version of the landing was handcoded by yours truly and didn't really get much love. 600+ pageviews and 0, ZERO, NADA. Clicks. Now we are trialling unbounce and trying different variants,
adjusted it to:
– Have the value prop stated clearly
– List the benefits
– Testing different CTAs

There is not enough data to test these landings, but if you would like to give your honest opinion, you can find them at www.zava(.)cc.

As per the we are 100% instagram focused and it worries me but don't know what else can we do? Our account is still hella small (200 followers) the engagement is crap (less than 15 likes per post) and are working really hard on trying to grow it Being a fashion accessory/product we thought instagram was the best but I am not sure it should be the ONLY channel. We are thinking about Google Ads and Affiliate but don't know where to start and most importantly we are not sure it makes sense since we don't have a store but only a landing page? What do you guys think? Should we forget about the launch event and the hype and just go the traditional "open a shop" route?

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