hosting mp4 videos for products … need solutions?

Looking for places to host videos for products? I don't want to self host due to potential bandwidth issues. I was with Vimeo for 3+ years and there is some company about the content of my videos. I have my lawyer involved and they say give us more weeks to respond because of COVID, done with the hassle. Basically my client sells tshirts and we have permissions to use a copyright they claim I violet in one of the videos. Long story short, it's not true but I'm no waiting around for them. So I guess any third party host is going to pose a risk that one day an uniformed employee at the video hosting company sees something they don't like in one of my videos and flags it. Even if my case is made they can just simply say "we don't like you" …

I need ideas. So know that I host these videos on my website under like public_html/videos and then embed the videos onto my client's site? i wish there was a video hosting service, just hosting, where I could upload my videos and then point an ARECORD in DNS to that ip but let their server deal with the bandwidth issues.

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