I need mentorship, not financial help, I want to build another sustainable income source. Willing to pay forever

I need mentorship, not financial help, I want to build another sustainable income source.

My dad nearly died from Covid. He is out of the hospital and today was the first day he could walk over 1 hour without feeling the need to go back to sit down. My mom had it too, but she had less hard sickness. I have stopped focussing on Dropship because I needed to support my family. Things are getting to the new normal, and the new normal seems to suck. I am a teacher and I am trying to build my E-commerce. But I do try and error with too many errors. I need some help to get my business boosted. I have set myself the goal to reach 50.000€ net profit in my Stock Portfolio so I can enjoy the time I have left with my dad in October of 2021. Therefore I got a teaching job 3 days a week, earning 1600€, I work as a personal trainer and I soon will have my own kindergarten. I want to build up my own online income source, I want to succeed in order to spend more time with my dad and support with the bills. I thought about starting on eBay again. But I am totally open to any advice. I would be glad if someone, WITHOUT paying upfront, would be caring enough to help me, even with the seemingly high risk involved. I am willing to change any career-way I have so far when I see it works long-term. I NEED HELP. WHAT'S IN FOR YOU?

The question is, why would you do that? I have so far not much to offer in €€… so what can I offer?

  1. First of all, you will have someone who will be loyal to you forever, Maybe a friendship evolves, I am already vaccinated for covid, so wherever you live, I would want to come over for some days and thank you when I established my business and it runs. If you would enjoy it, I will come over regularly.
  2. Whatever you need, you have someone you can count on.
  3. I am willing to pay you a percentage of my earnings. Lifelong. LIFELONG MEANS FOREVER.
  4. I will Vlog or Blog the whole process. The credit goes to you if you want to.
  5. Anything you want to add on this list, as long as you don't want my kidneys 😉

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