Reflections after my first month, 500 visits and 0 sells

Well, the title isn't actually so accurate but the webpage was created at the beginning of March, so far we haven't sold a single item yet though we opened it to public one week ago, then we started to "invest" on marketing, to see how it works and to get some feedback:

– We spent only 5€ for now and we reached an audience of like 2700, CTR of 2.6% with Facebook ads, it's not bad IMO but I think I should try to recalibrate it, some reactions on the page are good, and some others are "against" it because we are trying to sell some t-shirts that can be controversial (like the MAGA stuff), Facebook doesn't seem to focus on conservatives of my country but on boomers who like motorcycles and heavy metal, some are against and some others like the page.

– Someone inboxed me a message asking if we had t-shirts on different colours, at first we thought that black t-shirts could be good enough, but then we thought that we should try to add different colours, we added one model we already had, but we are not sure if it should be on the same listing or on a different one.

– We started to follow a lot of people on Instagram seeking some follow-backs, taking a look at the numbers on shopify it seems that it works more or less like the 5€ on Facebook ads.

– Although we put a discount code for the inauguration I think no one seems to have seen it, we put our tees at 19.90€ with free shipping, now instead of the code we just discounted the price of our items.

– We will try to find collaborations with influencers/youtubers soon, we thought we could offer them like 10% of every sell that is done through some discount codes I can give them (10% discount?).

– Should we change the generic t-shirt pics for real t-shirt pics with models and so? I guess we should, what do you think?

A link to the webpage:

Thank you for your tips!

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