Should I add a number & address? If so, how? (dropshipping)

Working on my first store, and was wondering if I have to/should add a number and address. And if so, how?

As for numbers, Google Voice (personal version, assuming the same goes for business) doesn't work in Canada, more specifically, I need a US number to link it to. I was planning on using Google Voice, but now that I see it doesn't work, I kind of just forgot about it. Any suggestions for an alternative? Or can I skip this?

As for my address, I heard this is really important for customer trust, would I need one for just my first store? I've posted a similar question on Reddit before, and have gotten mixed results.

Where would this address be? How much freedom do I have in terms of removing/adding my address across my site/emails?

I'll be using Shopify and Oberlo if this matters. My supplier has a warehouse in the US

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