Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, too good to be true? :/

Hey all! I have just set up my very first campaign with only 1 ad set (conversions) for my very first sale.

I know that in order to run a good ad, your ad copy has to be attention-grabbing, something that will make them stop scrolling. I've decided to try with "buy one get 1 free" but I am not so sure it is too good to be true (from a buyer's perspective) especially since my items ( Men's accessories crafted in Sterling Silver ) are a bit on the high side of prices. I've made a few sales from instagram and other selling platforms but never tried FB ads before. I know it works for others so I decided to give it a try with a fantastic offer.

As a potential buyer (yourself) would you even want to "CLICK" on an ad that says BOGO1FREE if you're interested in the pieces?

Here's my website if you'd like to see what pieces I'm talking about.

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