Celebrating 150k+ members of /r/ecommerce! I’ll spend $150, post your store!

Current /r/ecommerce membership is at 149,947!!! Some time today we will pass 150k!

7 Months ago I celebrated 100k by buying ~$100 worth of products from two different stores (Post here). Not only was this a fun celebration but I now have a jacket from Sleepy Peach that gets worn regularly among a few other items purchased!

Let's do it again!

What to do: Post your store, a bit about your business and maybe a top product or your most interesting product.

Once submissions slow down (~24-48 hours), I or my S.O. will buy some products up to $150 in total from one or multiple stores. Products selected won't be a random drawing, they'll be products that I actually think I'll use from sites that I like. Doing anything else IMO would just be creating waste for the sake of a contest. Good design, imagery, information and marketing will help but in the end it will all come down to the product… just like a normal day in ecom.

I've already posted, or I don't have a store – what can I do to celebrate?!?

Support other stores! Provide feedback/opinions on the store and its products. Buy something! Share a site with people you know who likes that type of product or even blogs about those types of products.

I love this community and I hope you all do to! Happy 150k!

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