How do I delete a facebook shop?

Hi folks, I'm grasping for straws here, so sorry for the shot-in-the-dark post but….

Im in the process of trying to setup a link between a woocommerce shop, and a facebook page shop. My FB page has its own store, that I never really used, and now that old shop is standing in my way. I have my woocommerce setup to sync products, and that's working, but woocommerce wouldn't allow me to sync to the existing catalog… No idea why… I figured, fine, ill just sync and then switch my shop to the proper catalog.

Facebook doesnt appear to allow me to do that.. It says I have to open a whole new shop to move the catalog? What? Ok, whatever, the old shop is empty anyway.. BUT I CANT FIND A WAY TO DELETE IT. All of their online docs send me in a frustrating loop of click here click there, and here's a delete button, and that button is never there, or the links dont match up. I've attempted to contact FB about it, but you can probably guess how useful that's been. 48 hours have passed and i have no response from them, and an "all agents are busy" auto-response in the messenger session they opened for my support request.

Anyway… Does anyone know how to get this done? I just want to delete the shop, and recreate it, without having to delete my page.


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