What’re the best methods for doing A/B tests in Shopify?

I'm a developer with little expertise in marketing related efforts, and I'm looking to see how some others out there are performing A/B tests.

Right now, I have two new finished templates built out for our collections pages. Ideally, we want to do an A/B test where say, 100 users visit our store and go to /collections/all, 50% get version 1, the other 50% get version 2, all over the same time period of a month.

I've seen the Neat A/B and the Theme Scientist apps on Shopify, but I think that's quite what I'm looking to do – those seem to work where after x amount of days, it switches the theme or template. But this doesn't allow me to test over the exact same time period?

I've also seen tools like Google Optimize, VWO, and Optimizely – but don't have familiarity with how those ecosystems work.

If you have a methodology that is working well for you, I'd love to hear how you're setting that up.

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