Got this come through my website. Is it a scam?

Contact Name CC Email

Subject QuirkyCrowd Message Hey, so this is probably going to be a bit of a big ask and I understand if you want to say no. But I had the name Quirky Crowd business idea for over a year but kind of sat on it whilst I created branding, logos and stock ect. And also covid hit so I had to put everything on hold I was wondering if you would take a payment so that I could have access to the quirky crowd name, email and Instagram account and any other domains. It’s something I don’t want to change the name as I’ve already had stuff printed with the quirky crowd branding on ect. I looked into it legally and there isn’t any rules as such to rights but I didn’t want to do it through legality’s ect. So I thought that I would contact you directly instead. Kind regards.

Just to be clear, I've had this domain name for years as well as the email and paid yearly for it.

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